Final Presentation Plan

What I have learned?  Technical skill of making film   New mode of my thinking  Methods of making film  Many necessary theories


What has inspired me?  My tutor’s significant exact feedback about my artifact.  In 310 classes, watched lots of different types of films and documentaries, and help me improve a lot about fresh idea and new method of making

What I am going to do next? Focus some advertisements, some of them are interesting and fantastic, I should learn from them.


Research of power of love

I made a survey with my friends, question is do you like love movies? And why? In conclusion, 89% of my friends like love movies, so many reasons they gave me, and the main reasons are: 1 in some kinds of movies we can get another kind feeling of love, which is hardly happen in our daily life. Because we think our life is so normal, but in movie their love are more dramatic and incredible, sometimes make us cry and sometimes make us happy.

2 we can find a totally pure love in movies, because in our daily life, love means you have to consider some reality stuff, likely your future wife or husband’s job, wealth, health and so on. But in a movie, that just is a love.

3 in love movie, the audiences always feel having the same situation or same memory just similar with the movie story; people would like to research their love story.


I think why audience would like to see my film, which is because I try to catch their heart with my story, romantic story, fantastic beginning and happy time together. They are the necessary factors in a love story, but we the girl get hurt and blind, which is the real turning point, what will the boy do? That is audience want to know, they can feel the boy has in a tough situation and deeply hurt, if the boy give up his girlfriend, I believe most of audience will angry and blame with that, but in their heart they probably has a problem to themselves, when they are in this situation, what they are going to do? Maybe some of them have the same choice. However, in this movie, the boy shows a very powerful love to audience that is change his eyes to his girlfriend, and all he will get is just dark in his rest of life. He never regrets and keeps his life away from that girl, because he do not want girl feel sad. That is the power and attractive point of this movie. Love movie has so many different types, but basically all the attractive point is a power of love.

The power of LOVE

Love is the basic power in our nature world, whatever animals or our human beings both have love. There are a lot of different types of love, likely human beings love, family love and men and women love. What is the power of these kinds of love?



The movie ‘Schindler’s List’ shows the love between human beings, technically Mr. Schindler should be the enemy with the Jewish, because he is a member of the Nazi Party. But due to a kind of love, which is nature and powerful, let him to save a lot of Jewish, although he almost spent all his money and did almost he can do, but he still felt regret to Jewish that he can not save much more lives. Face to this kind of great love, whatever things happen, wherever you are from and whoever you are, the only things you should do is save more lives, because we are human beings, we are emotional people. Love could save people lives.


Another story about love still happened in World War II. This love is family love, love between father and children, mother and children. In the Nazi concentration camp, all the Jewish could review their destiny. But a father lied to his son that they were just in a game, a totally interesting game and the final winner could get a real Tank. In case of his son knew the truth and afraid, this great father tried all his best to pretend this is a game, even though at last he faced to the death, he still laughed and played with his son. He saved his family, but died. To save any members’ lives of family, he can die for them and just because the love.



The love between men and women is more romantic and interesting; so many love stories tell this kind of love. In the same situation, if a couple faces to death, what they can do? The first thing is trying to save another one’s life, because they love their ‘honey’ more than love themselves. This is what I want to tell, the love between a boy and a girl. A couple of lovers, they love each other deeply, but due to an accident, the girl becomes blind, unless someone contributes his or her eyes to her. In this situation, what should the boy do? After 1 year, the girl could see everything, her sight get back again, but one day she find the boy gave his eyes to her, and he just missed. What is she going to do?

Love is all around; love is everything, the basic power in our live. Find it and keep it.


American style graduation – American pie

This is another totally different kind of graduation, in my mind I always think about American people are opener and more active than Chinese people, because Chinese people are said to very connotation and conservative. Actually there are a lot of elder generations as same as people talk about. However, in our ages, it changes a lot. We are another kind of open and active. American pie is a traditional American style graduation and college lives. Compared to ours, they are happier and more excited, because graduation is a sigh of change, it represents they are grown up and not the children anymore, they should to celebrate. But our college is more than a school, it is like a big family, we gather together because of god. And finally when we graduated, we are absolutely sad due to we will lose our ‘family members’. Even though we are sad for graduation, but we are encouraged to accept our future way, this is same like American students, because we are grown up.

My Favourite Memory- The Graduation Days

If you ask me what time is my favorite and enjoyable, I will response very quickly, the answer is graduation days.

I had a great time in my college; our college is not like the other kind of comment colleges, because we are the art and media college, more active, romantic and lovely. To be honest, our life in ZUMC was like a drama, all of us are the actor and actress, and actually we had argument and unhappy moment before, but it was the necessary point in a drama. In the last days before we left college, we gather together again, do not say much more and just enjoy the moment.

Maybe every one of us will have a different future; somebody will go aboard for study and somebody choose to go to work in some companies and radio or TV stations. Apparently, it will be a difficult way for a freshman, but we are encouraged a lot by each of friends. We totally become the fighter, to fight every difficulty in our way.

I really miss our life in college; miss every face I’ve met before and miss every corner in our college. I remember the crazy night in graduation night, we drunk, we totally drunk a lot. We cried, we hugged each other and cried. Maybe it is the last time we could gather together, laugh talk and drink. Next day, everyone should go to the place where they should go. 

It is my memory, but also a big power which always shocks my heart. I miss everyone and I miss my time. At last, good luck my friends! Fight, fight, fight, go, go, go!

Spectacle of culture mixed

 In China town’s supermarket, not all the goods are from China, but also some special foods and traditional things are from Korea and Japan. In this photo, there are 2 different countries’ traditional food, Korea and China. Today is a global world, different culture could mix together and get better and better. China town is not only for Chinese but also for the other Asians.

Chinese food is very popular in western countries, more and more people like this kind of eastern food, some British are shopping in Chinese supermarket and they are picking up some food there. Actually the food is a sigh of the culture, it shows the different living habits and the other special things which totally different from the other cultures.

Actually, it is a weird feeling when I saw this image, because it is totally same like most normal supermarket in China. Suddenly I felt I am not in UK, but I am in my hometown. The people, poster and the goods, all of them are familiar for me. However, it is not in China, but is a completely different country – UK. 

China is a modern country; every city is developing everyday, and you could see tall buildings and green gardens in every corner of city. But fortunately, we also keep some traditional and classical buildings in our city. It is the history and sprite for Chinese people. In UK I could see that kind of Chinese building, it is fantastic and amazing. 

 This is a very famous restaurant in China town, we always go to there. The food is great and many kinds of different dishes there. I just mentioned that British people are crazy about Chinese food, that is true, the long queue that who are waiting for a table are most British people.

This style of restaurant is a classical Chinese building. Most of the Chinese restaurants just like this in China. It becomes a symbol of Chinese culture, when you see some buildings like this; you probably will associate with China. 

 This is a comment restaurant in China, although it is not big enough but the food is excellent, because the small restaurant just focus on one or two special dishes, they are professional. Like this one, it concentrates on the Beijing duck; they create several kinds of way to cook duck. The poster with this restaurant is international with English and Chinese.

 This maybe a small and narrow street, but it is a global street. It is a Chinese style street, but full of the people with different skin colors, religions and nationalities. Wherever are you from, you are a member of this big family.








A good spectacle video for me

It is another funny and fantastic way to show the old but classical cartoon movie, although they are old fashion, however they are special and attractive for the generation who born in 1980’s. Actually, it is hard to find some young people who have not seen these cartoons before. This kind of method is a good trying and more attractive.