Little Otik — sureal visionary art documentary


As we know, there are a lot of things could not be shown obviously in movie or video scene, such as fear, some of the society issue and something kind of sprit or soul which you will hard to take a real material, because some of these things are forbidden to take a scene, like society issue, and the other things like fear, sprit or soul which could not exactly exist in some objective staff, there are something more than imagination and subjective things.


The surreal visionary art documentary is this kind of movie, it full of imagination and sprit in the content. Likely a movie we just saw in the lecture, it told a story that a couple who adopt a wooden ‘child’, and when this ‘child’ grown up, then ‘he’ became very mean and brutish and even though ‘he’ wanted to eat ‘his’ family. Maybe this is a weird family but ‘he’ had happy parents, ‘his’ mother is a traditional mother who is kind, nice and love her child a lot, though ‘he’ is a wooden boy. And ‘his’ father actually was afraid of his child, at last part of movie when the wooden man wanted kill people and destroyed everything, the father tried to revolt and kill his ‘son’. It is a simple story, but has lots of imagination and inside meanings there. The wooden boy is a symbol; it represents a lot of real things but can not use the material to take this movie. I like this kind of style a lot, because I think it is more attractive and interesting, when I am watching a fantastic movie like this and I could get a lot of thinking of this story, just like an interesting society class, it lead me to think and get the answer. 









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