Spectacle of culture mixed

 In China town’s supermarket, not all the goods are from China, but also some special foods and traditional things are from Korea and Japan. In this photo, there are 2 different countries’ traditional food, Korea and China. Today is a global world, different culture could mix together and get better and better. China town is not only for Chinese but also for the other Asians.

Chinese food is very popular in western countries, more and more people like this kind of eastern food, some British are shopping in Chinese supermarket and they are picking up some food there. Actually the food is a sigh of the culture, it shows the different living habits and the other special things which totally different from the other cultures.

Actually, it is a weird feeling when I saw this image, because it is totally same like most normal supermarket in China. Suddenly I felt I am not in UK, but I am in my hometown. The people, poster and the goods, all of them are familiar for me. However, it is not in China, but is a completely different country – UK. 

China is a modern country; every city is developing everyday, and you could see tall buildings and green gardens in every corner of city. But fortunately, we also keep some traditional and classical buildings in our city. It is the history and sprite for Chinese people. In UK I could see that kind of Chinese building, it is fantastic and amazing. 

 This is a very famous restaurant in China town, we always go to there. The food is great and many kinds of different dishes there. I just mentioned that British people are crazy about Chinese food, that is true, the long queue that who are waiting for a table are most British people.

This style of restaurant is a classical Chinese building. Most of the Chinese restaurants just like this in China. It becomes a symbol of Chinese culture, when you see some buildings like this; you probably will associate with China. 

 This is a comment restaurant in China, although it is not big enough but the food is excellent, because the small restaurant just focus on one or two special dishes, they are professional. Like this one, it concentrates on the Beijing duck; they create several kinds of way to cook duck. The poster with this restaurant is international with English and Chinese.

 This maybe a small and narrow street, but it is a global street. It is a Chinese style street, but full of the people with different skin colors, religions and nationalities. Wherever are you from, you are a member of this big family.









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