My Favourite Memory- The Graduation Days

If you ask me what time is my favorite and enjoyable, I will response very quickly, the answer is graduation days.

I had a great time in my college; our college is not like the other kind of comment colleges, because we are the art and media college, more active, romantic and lovely. To be honest, our life in ZUMC was like a drama, all of us are the actor and actress, and actually we had argument and unhappy moment before, but it was the necessary point in a drama. In the last days before we left college, we gather together again, do not say much more and just enjoy the moment.

Maybe every one of us will have a different future; somebody will go aboard for study and somebody choose to go to work in some companies and radio or TV stations. Apparently, it will be a difficult way for a freshman, but we are encouraged a lot by each of friends. We totally become the fighter, to fight every difficulty in our way.

I really miss our life in college; miss every face I’ve met before and miss every corner in our college. I remember the crazy night in graduation night, we drunk, we totally drunk a lot. We cried, we hugged each other and cried. Maybe it is the last time we could gather together, laugh talk and drink. Next day, everyone should go to the place where they should go. 

It is my memory, but also a big power which always shocks my heart. I miss everyone and I miss my time. At last, good luck my friends! Fight, fight, fight, go, go, go!


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