American style graduation – American pie

This is another totally different kind of graduation, in my mind I always think about American people are opener and more active than Chinese people, because Chinese people are said to very connotation and conservative. Actually there are a lot of elder generations as same as people talk about. However, in our ages, it changes a lot. We are another kind of open and active. American pie is a traditional American style graduation and college lives. Compared to ours, they are happier and more excited, because graduation is a sigh of change, it represents they are grown up and not the children anymore, they should to celebrate. But our college is more than a school, it is like a big family, we gather together because of god. And finally when we graduated, we are absolutely sad due to we will lose our ‘family members’. Even though we are sad for graduation, but we are encouraged to accept our future way, this is same like American students, because we are grown up.


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