The power of LOVE

Love is the basic power in our nature world, whatever animals or our human beings both have love. There are a lot of different types of love, likely human beings love, family love and men and women love. What is the power of these kinds of love?



The movie ‘Schindler’s List’ shows the love between human beings, technically Mr. Schindler should be the enemy with the Jewish, because he is a member of the Nazi Party. But due to a kind of love, which is nature and powerful, let him to save a lot of Jewish, although he almost spent all his money and did almost he can do, but he still felt regret to Jewish that he can not save much more lives. Face to this kind of great love, whatever things happen, wherever you are from and whoever you are, the only things you should do is save more lives, because we are human beings, we are emotional people. Love could save people lives.


Another story about love still happened in World War II. This love is family love, love between father and children, mother and children. In the Nazi concentration camp, all the Jewish could review their destiny. But a father lied to his son that they were just in a game, a totally interesting game and the final winner could get a real Tank. In case of his son knew the truth and afraid, this great father tried all his best to pretend this is a game, even though at last he faced to the death, he still laughed and played with his son. He saved his family, but died. To save any members’ lives of family, he can die for them and just because the love.



The love between men and women is more romantic and interesting; so many love stories tell this kind of love. In the same situation, if a couple faces to death, what they can do? The first thing is trying to save another one’s life, because they love their ‘honey’ more than love themselves. This is what I want to tell, the love between a boy and a girl. A couple of lovers, they love each other deeply, but due to an accident, the girl becomes blind, unless someone contributes his or her eyes to her. In this situation, what should the boy do? After 1 year, the girl could see everything, her sight get back again, but one day she find the boy gave his eyes to her, and he just missed. What is she going to do?

Love is all around; love is everything, the basic power in our live. Find it and keep it.



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