Research of power of love

I made a survey with my friends, question is do you like love movies? And why? In conclusion, 89% of my friends like love movies, so many reasons they gave me, and the main reasons are: 1 in some kinds of movies we can get another kind feeling of love, which is hardly happen in our daily life. Because we think our life is so normal, but in movie their love are more dramatic and incredible, sometimes make us cry and sometimes make us happy.

2 we can find a totally pure love in movies, because in our daily life, love means you have to consider some reality stuff, likely your future wife or husband’s job, wealth, health and so on. But in a movie, that just is a love.

3 in love movie, the audiences always feel having the same situation or same memory just similar with the movie story; people would like to research their love story.


I think why audience would like to see my film, which is because I try to catch their heart with my story, romantic story, fantastic beginning and happy time together. They are the necessary factors in a love story, but we the girl get hurt and blind, which is the real turning point, what will the boy do? That is audience want to know, they can feel the boy has in a tough situation and deeply hurt, if the boy give up his girlfriend, I believe most of audience will angry and blame with that, but in their heart they probably has a problem to themselves, when they are in this situation, what they are going to do? Maybe some of them have the same choice. However, in this movie, the boy shows a very powerful love to audience that is change his eyes to his girlfriend, and all he will get is just dark in his rest of life. He never regrets and keeps his life away from that girl, because he do not want girl feel sad. That is the power and attractive point of this movie. Love movie has so many different types, but basically all the attractive point is a power of love.


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